EDTECH: My Goals

I love education; both as a teacher and a student. The notion that teachers are life-long learners is something that most of us have heard and quoted to a point where it almost sounds ridiculous to repeat. Well, I am going to say it; I am a life-long learner!

I am a family person. I love my time with my husband and two children. We have four dogs that also keep us busy and happy simultaneously. Life for me is a picture of contentedness. That is, as long as you include my professional life.


My career as a teacher is one of pride and enthusiasm. I am starting my eleventh year as a kindergarten teacher and I cannot picture being anywhere else. The reason Iam so happy is that I love education. Not just the notion of being a teacher, bit also being a student. This is the main reason I have chosen to re-enter graduate school.

My reasons for joining the EDTECH program are quite simple. I will not cloud them with long sentence clutter or deep thoughts:

-Technology inclusion is fun for both the teacher and the student

-Technology integration improves student performance and enthusiasm

-Technology programs (such as this one) will help me reach my professional goals

My goal for this program is to utilize various forms of technology integration to strengthen my technology background and use this background to improve student and teacher learning and enthusiasm.

I am excited and even a tad nervous at this point. I look forward to all the new ideas and collaboration that will take place over the upcoming semesters. This self-confessed, life-long learner looks forward to a very rewarding experience.


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