Plagiarism Video

Plagiarism can be a difficult topic for elementary age students to understand. Being a kindergarten teacher, we touch very little on this subject. However, I am a teacher in an elementary building; thus I decided to gear my plagiarism video towards older students.

I touched on three types of plagiarism that elementary students may encounter. These types are easier to understand and methods that some young students may be tempted to commit. First, the video addresses the copying of someone’s complete work. Second, the video shows that copy/pasting someone’s words into your own work is wrong. Third, a scenario in which a student steals an idea from another is addressed. The video concludes with the two main ways to avoid plagiarism for this age group; asking an adult to help you give credit to the writer or thinking of a fresh idea on your own.

Creating this video was enjoyable and it did make me think of how we address the topic of plagiarism from a young age. Kindergarten students learn that copying other students can sometimes be wrong. If we continue to broaden the topic as students work through school, there should be a strong understanding of plagiarism by the college level.


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