Technology Integration: Vision Statement

When a person decides to become an educator, they make the decision for various reasons. What they are able to do for a student is prepare them for life in our world. A world that is fast-paced, ever-changing, and full of resources. Keeping this in mind, technology integration then becomes a necessity in our classrooms.

When an adult in our society needs to learn more about a topic for work or their own curiosity, they utilize their phone or computer to find what they need. They do not check a textbook. If I am required to research a topic and prepare a presentation for my career, I do not check my stack of encyclopedias. Sadly, classrooms are continuing to do this despite having resources that are more readily available and up to date. Some ideas on how to be more effective in the classrooms for the benefit of the students would be:

-promote the research capabilities of our Internet
-encourage collaboration via social medias
-inspire creative thinkers with various technology capabilities

The International Society for Technology in Education states that “Today’s educators must provide a learning environment that takes students beyond the walls of their classrooms and into a world of endless opportunities” (2011). We live in a world of limitless possibilities and experiences. A world that is exciting and social with daily interactions outside of our own towns. By encouraging this same interaction in the classroom we create learners who are excited about global interaction. Our society benefits from this interaction.

Most people in our society are life-long learners. They do not always realize this. We are learning about new topics via social media of various kinds. We discuss and reflect each day when we communicate with others, whether it be Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter. Encouraging this same activity in our classrooms with a focus on problem solving, skill development, or collaboration creates life-long learners with the skills to better themselves.

Above all, I feel technology integration is a necessity because the students are asking for the opportunity to be a 21st century learner. They want teachers who are resources in the area of technology. This is the world they live in and they would like guidance in how to utilize the tools within that world. The teacher is no longer the center of the classroom. The student and teacher are now partners in exploring a technological society of life-long learners.


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One response to “Technology Integration: Vision Statement

  1. I really liked how you made a compelling illustration of how adults and professionals find answers to their questions and comparing it to using a textbook or encyclopedia. It does seem rather absurd that we would require students to practice skills that are no longer relevant and often produce outdated information. I agree that schools really are a huge part of preparing students for their future in as many ways as possible. If we don’t do this then we are missing the boat, the very reason many teachers are teachers in the first place. I also liked your emphasis on helping students become lifelong learners and giving them the tools needed for that.

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