Assessment in Project-Based Learning

When I think of Project-Based Learning, I think in terms of several key components.

  • open ended problem or goal
  • intriguing ideas
  • real life application of tools and ideas
  • room in project for creativity and personality

To me, the assessment portion of a PBL project should relate to these key elements. The outcomes will relate to standards, of course, but they too should apply to the real word and the manner in completing that outcome should be creative and open-ended in some manner.

When writing the outcomes and forming ideas for the assessment tools for my project, I wanted to use creative assessments that would relate to what the students will be doing in the future in college or their career. I decided that students will record their experiences using the video application on their iPad, journal using the My Story application, share their presentation via Keynote, and share their closing thoughts via a Podcast.

I have created rubrics for these assessments and included them on the assessment page. I look forward to receiving feedback so I can adjust and improve the work I have done thus far.


One response to “Assessment in Project-Based Learning

  1. Randi, on Oct. 30, TeachIdaho and Idaho Leads are sponsoring a TeachTeachers event. This event will highlight students who are using technology in their classrooms to learn. Only students will be presenters, and we are hoping a ton of teachers will show up for the event, as well as parents and other students. Would your students be ready to share their “products” with others? One of the essentials of PBL is an authentic audience. This would really provide authenticity to your students. Please e-mail me at if you have questions or wish to include your students in this event.

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