PBL: Reflection






As the PBL project work winds down, I now have the opportunity to reflect on my work, consider how my students will interpret the activity, and make necessary changes. This is an essential step for any educator. I have found reflection to be one of the single, most effective, and beneficial aspects of teaching and learning.

My project has some wonderful aspects that will spark interest and assist students in meeting their learning goals. I feel that the field trip event, creation of video and podcast, as well as a presentation will create a worthwhile experience for my students. One aspect of the project that really did require review was the overall communication of the site. Will my students understand the project? Did I leave any holes that an educator might be confused by when reviewing the site for their own use? I found these questions to be of great importance to the overall effectiveness of the project.

The review process has been an important conclusion to the creation of my project, however, others have reviewed my project prior. I was fortunate enough to have input from educators in my own district as I completed the project. This gives me constant feedback and new ideas on how to best formulate each event. This was also a helpful reminder to include opportunities for different learning styles, group work, student choice, and technology tools. The constant reflection and collaboration throughout the PBL project creation was helpful. I can honestly say that that feedback was key to the success of my project.



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