PBL Conclusion

This semester has proven to be one of the most relevant and useful of my EDTECH journey. The completion of courses that provide me with a background and the ability to create projects that will be integrated into classroom use is a worthwhile experience and use of my time. I have learned a lot this semester, and look forward to using my experiences to enhance my students’ time in my classroom.

I understand that PBL is student-centered. The idea that students are in control of their learning and the path they take in school is a notion that speaks to me. If teachers are in the field of education to support students, why would we not provide them with opportunities that are truly student-centered? PBL has given me clarity. I know my role in the classroom. I am hear to support my students while they lead the way and reach their learning goals.

Assessment in PBL is an area that I need to explore further. At times, working with young children provides a challenge in the area of assessment. Creating a rubric in early childhood is much different from creating a rubric in high school. It is not that it is not useful, or cannot be done, it is just that it takes some thought and the ability to see things from a five-year old’s eyes. These children are so young, their age can still be easily noted by month rather than by year. This leads me to carefully consider the best assessments and how they are used.

I look forward to using all I have learned this semester. My students will be completing learning experiences that they find interesting, challenging, and exciting. Students will guide their experiences, choose their path, and become leaders. I look forward to putting all of these elements to work and seeing what else I can learn next semester.


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