End of another project…

After seeing the entire project together, I feel very confident that my graphics will communicate well with my students. I appreciate the flow of the graphics and their purpose. I look forward to utilizing this lesson with students during dental health week.

I have learned a lot about graphic design this semester. Even though I instinctively used many of the tools we have learned about, I can now use terminology to explain what I am doing with graphics. I have also built a supportive collection of resources that will help me with graphic creation in the future.

I am very proud of the work I have done this semester. It is amazing to think that I only have one semester left in this program. It’s very bitter sweet!


Another good graphic…

I found myself enjoying the graphic creation again this week. The use of white space is a big distraction for me when viewing graphics. If something is not aligned, contains trapped white space, or is cluttered, I find myself not able to concentrate on the message. Some of my students might feel the same way. 

As the course winds downs, I find myself reflecting on the entire semester. It has been a good experience that has allowed me to brush up on my design skills and learn something new. I also have Created a new unit of study, which helps me appreciate the validity of the Edtech program.