Looking at the ‘gamification‘ graphic, I could not help but chuckle. I haven’t thought about a lot of the examples given in the history of gaming section in many years. Considering that I was in elementary and high school throughout much of the history, I had the chance to see the gaming world explode over the years.

I can only imagine where gaming will take us in upcoming years. My children will have a much different experience than I did and their interaction with gaming is much more in-depth. While I would spend maybe an hour a week in elementary school playing games via disc drive, my children are using their iPod and iPad to jump online or purchase an app. They have much more accessibility being it is anytime, anyplace gaming. I was tethered to a computer!

When considering how I will use gaming in the creation of my gaming project, I have a handful of ideas. I work with kindergarten learners, thus gaming in itself needs a little introduction. However, there are games that draw them in and help them in reaching their learning goals. Each learner has an iPad in our classroom, thus accessing the technology is not an issue.

Simulations can be an excellent resource in kindergarten. Visualizing abstract concepts can be difficult at this age, thus anything I can do to bridge this gap is beneficial to my young learners. I am also considering the idea of a point-of-view activity, as being able to consider the thoughts and experiences of others is a critical part of learning at this age.



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