Gaming Can Make the World a Better Place

Jane McGonigal’s TED Talk was a wonderful exploration of the positive and ambitious feelings we have in gaming and why we do not have those same feelings when tackling life. We spend so much time tackling the problems in the virtual world, yet we do not spend that time solving real-world issues. I honestly had no clue why this issue exists, thus I listened to McGonigal’s talk with much interest.

After I understood her position, I wondered how this relates to education. It is actually quite simple. The enthusiasm that comes with accomplishing goals within a game is beneficial to us in education. We all want learners to enthusiastic to complete a task and take control of their learning. I see this enthusiasm in my young learners. They want to accomplish goals, solve problems, and put together the pieces to a puzzle. When education builds upon these wants, we see success. I will continue to utilize gaming as appropriate, whether it be digital or concrete, to help my learner enjoy meeting their educational goals.

This was one of the most interesting talks I have viewed so far. It really put gaming into a whole new light for me and I look forward to exploring this idea further.



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