My Experiences with Peasant Quest

Wow, what a trip back in time! I stopped by Peasant Quest to give it a try and further explore the world of narrative games. I do not have a lot of experience with these types of games, as I was uninterested in these as a student. However, I see more value now and actually enjoy them!

I strongly feel that narrative games offer a literacy, problem solving, and patience piece that some other games do not. I have no problem with my children spending much time with a game such as this as I know they are learning and growing while playing. I know I needed a lot of patience and problem-solving in the thirty minutes I spent online!

I actually had to re-read the directions a few times to become familiar with the commands. From here, I attempted the game a few times as I was squashed or killed pretty quickly. Finally, I was able to move through a few different areas, such as the hut, and make a little progress.

I would never doubt the learning involved with narrative gaming. Who could argue with a book that has its’ own problem solving aspect?



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